The Confederate Treasury

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THE CONFEDERATE STATES CURRENCY COLLECTION 1861-1865: The complete set of notes issued by the Confederate government from Montgomery to Richmond. Reprinted in exact detail as taken from the original notes. Ask your Confederate currency dealer about the quality of our notes. The 70 note typeset comes in a leather look and gold lettered album, includes a gray slipcase and removable polypropylene pages. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Price: $139.95
NOTES ONLY: Complete 70 note Confederate typeset. Price: $72.95

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T1 - 1861

T6 - 1861

T24 - 1861

T35 - 1861

T55 - 1862

T56 - 1863

T64 - 1864

T66 - 1864

$139.95 Premium Note Set
$72.95 Notes Only: Complete 70 note Confederate typeset

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