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cpapersm.jpg - 3978 Bytes Description: The "Comprehensive Catalog of Confederate Paper Money" is Col. Grover Criswell's best book yet! It is a hardback with 352 pages. Profusely illustrated with notes that have been on display at the Museum of the Confederacy. You will be able to identify and determine the value of all Confederate notes. The book covers counterfeits and fakes. Includes the list of the 400+ people that hand-signed the notes. Why are US Presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson on Confederate notes? How much is your Confederate money worth? All this and more are in the book! Price: $34.95
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cbondsm.jpg - 3941 Bytes Description: The "Comprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds" is a brand new book written by Douglas B. Ball Ph.D. It is a thick hardback volume of over 275 pages. It is a price guide, but more important, it is a study of these bonds and the events happening during the time of issue. A must have book, just released, for the serious student of the Civil War and Collector of Confederate Bonds. Price: $39.95
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papersm.jpg - 4971 Bytes Description: "Confederate States Paper Money", 10th Edition. Written By Arlie R. Slabaugh. Published By Krause Publications. Softcover Reference & Price Guide With 254 Pages. 2000-2001 Values Listed For Notes In Six Different Condition Grades. Includes Info On Upham & Other Facsimile Notes, Data On Uncut Sheets, Advertising Notes, Errors, & Bogus Notes. Well Illustrated and Detailed Info On Notes. "For More Than 40 Years This Catalog Has Been A Primary Source Of Data On Confederate Currency"!!! Price: $21.95.
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confedsouthernstatesbondsT.jpg - 3085 BytesconsouthstatesautographT.jpg - 1735 Bytes Description: "Confederate Southern States Bonds" - This hardback 374 page volume was the late (and great) Grover C. Criswell's last Confederate bond book. Not only does it cover the Confederate central government bond issues and counterfeits, but also includes the state bond issues for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Republic of Texas and Virginia. This edition was published in 1979 and of course is out of print. We have several copies in stock and a few are autographed by Col Criswell.
Price: $39.95 / Autographed edition Price: $49.95.
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registeroftheconfederatedebtT.jpg - 2425 Bytes Description: "Register of the Confederate Debt" - Raphael Thian was a US sergeant that was persuaded to give up his active duty career to join General Winfield Scott's civilian staff. From the Adjutant General's Office (AGO) he rose to Chief Clerk. After the war, this close position to the Confederate archives gave him access to the captured notes, bonds and Confederate financial records. For over 15 years, he complied the Confederate debt, by congressional acts, series, notes, bonds, denominations, serial numbers and who signed for the Treasurer & the Register. Its value today is exactly as the Confederates used their own records, to identify counterfeits, determine who signed a certain note, summarize totals of each type of note by series and similar information on Confederate bonds. This book is not a primer, recommended only for serious collectors and students of Confederate finance. Originally published in 1880 this is an extremely rare book with only 5 copies extant. We have available the only other printing, 1972, which is hardback with 190 pages registering the Confederate debt with tabular exhibits. Price: $79.95.
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Description: "Confederate Currency and Stamps by Claude Fuller". Originally published in 1949 by the Tennessee Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, we have the second print edition 2000. Chapters 1 & 2 are excellent sources of historical data on the organization of the Confederate government, finance, inflation, cotton as the standard, effects of the blockade and counterfeiting. Chapter 3 explains the personages, mythological gods/goddesses and art work on Confederate notes and bonds. Chapter 4 describes the notes issued & extracts from the congressional acts which authorized the issues. Chapter 5 is similar to Chapter 4, but covers bonds, certificates of stock, call certificates and other financial obligations. Chapter 6 details Confederate coins, postal system, provisional & regular issue stamps and counterfeit stamps. Chapter 7 deals with Confederate medals, Great Seal of the Confederacy and the national & battle flags. Book is hard back, 235 pages, heavily illustrated and packed with information. If you have visited the museum at the Chickamauga National Battlefield, you will remember the many hundreds of rifles & sidearms there. These weapons were donated by the author, Claude Fuller, to the National Park Service. Mr. Fuller also authored 4 books on firearms) PRICE: $59.95

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